About Sterlyng Ash

Hello, I am Allison and this is Aspen. I have stepped away from my role as a full-time VueJS software dev to start my own business and help take care of this little one, as well as my three-year-old and my 13-year-old.

Aspen is blessed with an extra chromosome, which can sometimes include extra medical needs. Therapies and resources for individuals with Down syndrome have come so very far, which gives me such hope for her future; that being said, we spend A LOT of time at doctors’ offices and therapy visits. So what does one do with all of this “extra” time? She creates a business for things she loves…making pretty, crafty things for other moms that just need a break to be creative, express themselves, and disconnect from devices for a short time.

The goal of my craft projects is to make them portable, pretty, easy to learn, and gratifying. I hope that my products give a quick boost of dopamine to a stressed-out momma that just needs a five-minute break from the chaos of life.

PS – the picture on my home page is a little girl with Down syndrome. The joyfulness on that mother’s face makes me smile every time I see it; hopefully, my projects and that image make you smile, too.